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Where To Spray Perfume?

Where To Spray Perfume?

December 17, 2021 8 min read

Why do you wear perfume? Is it to mask your body odour? Or do you want to appear more attractive?

Either way, perfumes have so many benefits. However, you will only reap the full benefits of your favourite fragrance when you apply it correctly.

There is much more to perfume application than just a quick spritz here and there, and then walking away. Fragrance application is a skill everyone should have. Without this skill, you stand the risk of overwhelming people with a powerful scent or smelling nothing at all.

To answer your question, “where to spray perfume?” we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide for you. The guide contains several tips to help you make the most out of your eau de toilette, parfum, or cologne. Scroll down below to learn more.

Preparations For Wearing a Perfume

Before spritzing your fragrance, you need to prepare. This way, you can leverage the potential of your favourite perfume while avoiding common pitfalls.

Know How Much Perfume to Wear

eau de parfum

How much fragrance you should apply depends on the fragrance’s strength or concentration. Keep in mind, perfumes vary in terms of concentration. Some contain high levels of aromatic oils like parfum and Eau de perfume, while others, like cologne and eau de toilette, contain low concentrations.

The strength or concentration of your fragrance also determines how long it lasts. The more concentrated the fragrance, the longer it lasts.

So, when you wear cologne, chances are you might need to apply more since it contains low concentrations of aromatic molecules. But for parfum, you only need to spritz small amounts.

It’s wise to test a perfume first before wearing it. Simply spray the fragrance on your wrist and then smell your area every one hour. This will help you determine how long the scent will last and how much you will need to wear.

Take A Shower

Chances are your beauty routine starts with washing your face. You cannot apply makeup on dirty skin. The same goes for fragrances.

Wearing cologne on sweaty and dirty skin might prove disastrous. That’s because the body oils, odour-causing bacteria, and sweat on the skin’s surface can alter the chemical composition of the perfume. So instead of smelling like sweet lavender or vanilla, you might end up smelling like something entirely new and unpleasant.

Showering eliminates body odour, sweat, and dirt from your skin. Furthermore, a hot shower opens up skin pores, allowing aromatic oils to seep in and stay there.

Use Perfume with Natural Oils

Don’t spritz perfume or aftershave on dry skin because it will get absorbed instead of getting radiated off your body. It’s also wise to ensure your skin has moisture. Alternatively, you can apply unscented natural oils to your skin immediately after showering to trap in the moisture. Oily skin also traps in the aromatic molecules of perfume, preventing them from dissipating immediately.

You can substitute the natural oils with unscented lotion, moisturiser, or petroleum jelly. Scented products like moisturisers, body lotions, and creams can alter your fragrance’s scent, so try to avoid them.

Spraying Perfume: The Best Areas

There are several areas in your body where arteries are closer to the skin surface. As a result, the spots emanate heat. When you apply perfume to these areas, the heat will boost the release of the scent all day. These spots are also known as warm areas or pulse points. Below, you’ll find more information on the points. 

The Base of the Throat or Nape of The Neck

perfume spray on neck

The first pulse point on our list is the nape of your neck. Spritz little perfume on this spot before going out for a date or an evening event. At the nape of your neck, the fragrance lasts longer because it dissipates slowly. 

Alternatively, you can spray some fragrance on the base of your throat. This point holds scents for a longer time and allows it to surround your upper body throughout the day.

However, if your skin is sensitive to alcohol, avoid spraying perfume on your bare skin. Instead, you can get a pendant infused with your favourite fragrance.

Back Area of the Knees

People spray perfume mostly on their upper bodies. It’s rare to find someone spritzing perfume behind her knees. But the area behind your knees radiates a lot of heat, meaning it’s a great pulse point.

If you love rocking shorts or short dresses, apply perfume to the back area of your knees. The sweet scent will linger around for an extended duration, especially when you cross your legs.

The soft and warm skin behind your legs will trap your favourite scent, allowing it to evaporate slowly all day. You will get to take advantage of all the notes of your perfume. So, include perfume application to the area behind your knees is part of your morning routine.

On the Wrists

woman smelling wrists

Your wrists are perhaps the perfect pulse points. Where do you apply perfume when you’re testing various varieties? Your wrists, right?

Well, your wrists feature a thin layer of skin and several blood vessels that radiate body heat. The heat will reinvigorate the aromatic essence of your perfume all day. This means a sweet aroma will surround you at work and even when you get back home.

Most people tend to rub perfume after spritzing it on their wrists. That’s wrong! The heat due to friction will alter the chemical formula of the fragrance, increasing its evaporation rate. Keep your wrists away from water too.


Your calves might not seem like ideal spots for perfume application, but they are! That’s true is you love wearing shorts or knee-length dresses. Simply spray your fragrance on your calves and inner thighs. Every time you walk, the friction will increase the perfume’s potential by reviving its notes.

Your Elbows

perfume on elbow

Feel free to spritz perfume on the inner side of your elbows, especially if you are wearing clothes like a short-sleeved shirt or blouse. Like the area behind your knees, this area has soft and warm skin that can trap perfume oil. As such, the sweet aroma will linger around for an extended period and you’ll feel fresh, even after sweating.

After spraying the area, let the perfume dry first. Avoid bending your hands immediately, or you’ll break down the perfume molecules and make them more vulnerable to oxidation.

The Ankles

Another area of the legs that can use some perfume is the ankles. Wash your ankles and apply your signature scent. When walking, the scent will get released. As a result, you will smell great. At the same time, the perfume will eliminate any feet odour.

Behind The Ears

The thin layer of skin behind your ears makes for good pulse points. Apply your signature scent to these spots to cover yourself with a sweet smell all day. How much cologne or perfume you apply depends on how long you want it to last. However, we recommend a small amount because too much can cause dizziness and even headaches.

Besides the area behind your earlobes, you can apply fragrance on top of your ears because it’s oily. Remember, oils do a great job of trapping aromatic molecules. As a result, they can diffuse slowly and for an extended period.

Other Areas to Apply Parfum, Cologne or Eau De Toilette

Besides the mentioned spots, there are other unusual points where you can apply your signature fragrance. Below, we have mentioned them.

Chest Area

man spraying aftershave on chest

The chest area works best if you have a concentrated signature scent and you don’t want to overwhelm people around you. The chest holds scents for a longer time, allowing you to smell great. Since the chest is an intimate area, applying perfume to your cleavage will make you feel sexy.

On Your Torso

Spritz a little perfume on your torso, especially if you’ve worn a crop top or walking without buttoning your shirt. Applying fragrance to your torso allows you to smell good, even as you sweat throughout the day.

Your Hair

How many sprays can you apply to the hair? Well, it depends on the type of sprays. Hair sprays feature low alcohol concentrations. That’s why your hair doesn’t dry out after application. But if you wish to create uniformity of your scent by using one type of fragrance, then you can spritz some of your favourite perfume to your hair.

The perfume oils will get trapped in your hair strands and disperse slowly throughout the day. However, apply perfume to clean hair. Wash your hair first to get rid of dirt and oils from other hair beauty products. Otherwise, they will change the composition of your perfume, making it less effective.

Keep in mind, cologne and eau de toilette contain a high concentration of alcohol. This means the alcohol can dry your hair. It’s wise to check out your fragrance alcohol content before applying it to your hair. Also, avoid spritzing perfume directly to your hair. Instead, spray it on your hairbrush and then run the brush through your hair. Alternatively, you can purchase a hair mist and spray layered with your favourite fragrance.

Inside the Belly Button

According to experts, the belly button is a perfect spot for perfume. Its shape holds scent much easily, and the heat helps to radiate the fragrance’s top notes.

Body Areas Not Ideal for Perfume Application

The desire to smell good can sometimes cloud your mind, and you might end up applying perfume to the wrong spots. That can cause unforeseen consequences. Here is a list of body areas mentioned by a contributing writer you should avoid when applying perfume.


Perfume and genitals don’t meet. So, avoid itching, irritations, and even infections by keeping your fragrance far from your genitals.


A direct spritz of fragrance to your armpits can lead to serious burning and irritation. This is true if you’ve recently shaved your armpits. You’re better off using deo, but that’s after seeing some armpit hair growth. Alternatively, you can spray perfume from the outside of your clothes for good smells, minus the itching.


It’s not like there’s someone who applies perfume directly to their eyes intentionally. However, you should always prevent contact between your fragrance and your eyes. The alcohol will not only sting your eyes but cause you discomfort.

How to Improve Your Perfume Shelf Life

Fragrances can last longer if you properly store them. You don’t need a special storage box; a closed closet can do the trick. High-quality fragrances usually cost a fortune. So, it makes sense to follow the necessary precautions to preserve them and make them last longer. Here are a few ways you can extend your perfume shelf life.

Shielding From Direct Sunlight

Sunlight and changes in temperature affect the effectiveness of fragrances. They break down the chemical composition of perfume, making them more susceptible to oxidisation and evaporation. Also, avoid exposing your perfume to air because it will affect its potency.

Furthermore, don’t leave your perfumes in the bathroom or place them on your bedroom window if you want it to continue offering you sweet smells. Store your fragrances in a cold, dry place, like the fridge or closet.

Layering With Favorite Body Lotion

You can save your perfume by mixing a potion with your favourite scented or unscented lotion. If you’re using a scented lotion, make sure the scent of the lotion doesn’t overpower that of the perfume. Try to find a balance between the two scents. You can also layer your body creams and shower gels with your signature fragrances. Don’t let the last drops of your expensive perfume go to waste.

Avoid Misting and Rubbing

If you often mist your signature scents, then you’re just wasting your precious product. You’ll make the most of your perfume when you spritz it on your bare skin and clothing. Your body’s natural oils and the fabric of your clothes will trap the aromatic molecules. As such, the sweet smells of your fragrances will last all day. Also, you will only need to use only a small amount of your perfume.

As we said earlier, avoid rubbing your perfume immediately after application. This way, you can avoid breaking down its aromatic molecules and reducing its effectiveness. 

perfume spray

Final Thoughts

As you see, there’s so much that goes into applying fragrances correctly. Focus on every detail, from points of application to the clothes you will wear. To leverage the full potential of your favourite perfume, ensure you follow the tips mentioned above, like proper storage. Also, note the areas you should avoid when applying your fragrance. With that said, we’ve reached the end of our piece. We hope you’ve found our content helpful.