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What Is Pheromone Perfume?

What Is Pheromone Perfume?

December 20, 2021 7 min read

The desire to look sexually attractive and approachable to the opposite gender is perfectly normal in humans. That explains why people are constantly looking for ways to spice up how they look and smell.

One solution that seems to gain significant traction is pheromone perfumes or sprays. According to manufacturers, these products can help you attract women, increase your libido and make you more attractive. But are these claims true?

To help you figure out that, we’ve created a comprehensive article on all aspects of pheromone inspired perfumes. But before diving in, you need to understand what a pheromone is.

Human Pheromone - Definition

Pheromones are naturally produced chemical indicators that have evolved over the years to make communication between creatures of the same species possible.

Dogs, cats, pigs, horses, rats, mice, and other animals produce animal pheromones. They secrete them via sweat, urine, breath, and other body chemicals. The pheromones alter the physiological and behavioural responses of animals and insects within a species.

In the animal kingdom, pheromones assist in reproduction. Once secreted, the indicators help them attract suitable mates and sexually arouses members of the same species. Besides that, pheromones also assist in social interaction, maternal-neonatal bonding, and feeding.

Pheromones work like hormones; the only difference is these signals work externally. They affect the creatures surrounding the animal that secretes the pheromones.

Like animals, humans also produce pheromones through their sweat glands. Human pheromones are known as Androstenedione and have a certain hormonal effect within us. Some scientists believe that individuals who secrete high Androstenedione can attract nearby women. But this subject is still under research, so the validity of this statement is not confirmed.

Most pheromones can be detected through smell. Both animals and humans give off a cloud of chemical signals or molecules, representing their distinctive chemical profile or scent.

The differences between the scent of each individual allow animals like dogs to tell between people through smell. Dogs have a unique organ, the vomeronasal organ. The organ helps them to detect pheromones. As a result, they can determine the behaviour of other dogs.

Humans also possess the same ability. For example, a mother can distinguish her child from others via smell. But that is a topic for another day. Now, let’s dive into how human pheromones work.

How Do Human Pheromones Work?

woman smell perfume

Although we rarely notice human pheromones, they alter our behaviours in different ways. One impact of pheromone is sparking sexual attraction for the opposite sex. If you’ve ever felt sexually attracted to a guy because you were close to him, chances are he had a high pheromone concentration.

The thyroid, pituitary, thymus, and pineal glands produce these chemical signals. The pheromones get secreted through the skin when we sweat. From there, the secreted chemical molecules combine with your natural scent. They then dissipate into the air, allowing bystanders to smell it.

Categories of Human pheromones

  1. Releasers: They are molecules that promote quick and reliable responses. Releaser pheromones are often linked to sexual attraction. That explains why they’re common in men’s pheromone colognes.
  2. Primers: Individuals take longer to respond to these indicators. These pheromones impact various physiological activities in humans, like puberty, pregnancy, and menstruation cycles. They can also affect hormonal levels.
  3. Signallers: These pheromones act as information providers. For example, every newborn produces a unique scent that only the mother can identify. It is more like a genetic print.
  4. Modulators:These indicators have more effect on your body’s functions. According to studies, when modulator pheromones are placed on the upper lip of females. They can influence their ovulation cycle and also ease their stress.

Understanding Pheromone Perfumes

People tend to judge you based on how you smell. If you have a sweet scent, some individuals might get attracted to you and even think of you all the time. Most companies understand the power of scent. That’s why they continue to create unique pheromone products that appeal to different people.

Manufacturers usually create these products in an FDA-approved lab using a proprietary blend of aromatic ingredients and natural or synthetic pheromones. However, the FDA does not regulate pheromones in perfume, cologne, sprays, and other products. That means it’s hard to determine if the products actually work or not.

Always check the product packaging to determine what type of pheromones the perfume contains. A great pheromone perfume usually contains animal or plant pheromones as the primary ingredients. The ingredients include Ambergris, Musk, Castoreum, Hyraceum, Lavender, Civet, etc.

Others can have human hormones, but it’s rare because collecting natural pheromones is hard. In most cases, the pheromone cologne contains synthetic pheromones designed to mimic natural human pheromones.

Common Human Pheromones Found in Sprays and Oils

  • Epi–androsterone:Exudes energy and youthfulness
  • Alpha–androstenol: Creates an aura of comfort
  • Beta–androstenol: Divert women’s attention to you
  • Androstadienone: Boost sexual arousal in women
  • Androsterone: Attract people to the user and make him appear confident
  • Androstenone: Draws attention to a man’s masculinity and power
  • Oxytocin: Promotes cuddling for physical and emotional bonding

But keep in mind, animal, human, and plant hormones rarely work as advertised by companies. For example, plant pheromones from chamomile and lavender might not enhance your libido. Rather, they might help ease your stress or anxiety, allowing you to relax. If you have stress linked libido issue, the relaxing and comforting effect of the perfume can increase your sex drive.

There are several quality products in the market today with different pheromone formula like Pure instinct and RawChemistry. So be sure to check them out. 

Does Pheromone Perfume Promote Sexual Attraction?

The best pheromones perfume boosts the user’s sex appeal and draws men and women closer to them. But do they really work?

Based on several studies, pheromone spray and pheromone oil can boost the sexual responsiveness of the users. A 2013 study showed that Androstenedione secreted by the male sweat glands boosts attractiveness and relaxes the mind. Another research carried out in 2002 showed that Androstenedione and musk elicit a positive reaction in women.

However, the pheromone effects vary depending on the chemical formula and user. Some products might not create instant chemistry between two individuals but can help ease other issues like stress and enhance sleep quality.

Basically, pheromone perfumes help you relax and reach a happier state. As a result, improving confidence. Confidence is everything when it comes to looking for a mate. When you’ve reached a point of ultimate relaxation, you’ll experience increased romantic feelings and sex drive.

The placebo effect resulting from using a pheromone perfume will also make you feel like you’ve achieved true sexiness. Even if the perfume is not working, your mind can change your body to reflect what you feel.

Research shows that pheromone perfumes with musk and ambergris usually heighten the user’s feeling of comfort, joy, and sensuality, as well as positive reactions.

What to Consider When Buying a Pheromone Perfume?

Pheromones influence human behaviour. That is the same thing pheromone perfumes aim to deliver. Perfumeries design pheromone oils and spray with the primary aim of helping the user to attract men or women. The sweet smells of the aromatic ingredients and the effects of the pheromones will ensure you remain the centre of attention.

But keep in mind, no two perfumes have the same effect. Manufacturers tend to tweak pheromone perfume formulas to deliver different effects. When searching for the favourite perfume with pheromones, consider the following factors.

Concentration Levels

Perfumeries usually create pheromones for both men and women. However, the concentration of pheromones and chemicals used to make the perfume varies. Perfumes for men contain a high concentration of Androstenone, a possible pheromone. The hormone sparks a positive reaction in women, making them attracted to the perfume wearer.

Women perfumes contain copulin blended with dipropylene glycol base. The sweet smell of the copulin triggers a chemical reaction in a man’s brain, making him feel attracted to the female wearing the perfume or cologne.

But remember, these chemical indicators tap into our primal instincts. So be aware of high pheromone concentration to prevent unforeseen results. For example, high levels of Androstenone can trigger a primal instinct like fight and flight. As a result, making the women closer to you uncomfortable. Try to find something with subtle smells that don’t overpower the scent glands of your ideal person.

Unscented or Scented

Do you want a pheromone perfume, cologne, or spray with sweet scents? Some manufacturers infuse their pheromone products with fragrances to enhance their effects. But sometimes these scents can overpower those of the pheromones. Therefore, nullifying their effects.

If you want your perfume to win eye contact with your ideal person, you’re better off sticking to unscented pheromone perfumes. This way, you get to enjoy the full potential of the perfume. However, if you find your primal women perfume too odourless, you can mask it with your regular perfume. Just avoid overpowering the pheromones.

How Long the Perfume Lasts

Like with selecting any other fragrance, you need to determine the longevity of a pheromone perfume after application. Find a long-lasting formula that can leave a lasting impression on the mind of your ideal individual.

Knowing how long the effect of the perfume will last allows you to time your interactions efficiently. Oil-based pheromones last longer than sprays. But that’s if you apply it correctly. Spray the pheromone oil to your pulse points and on bare skin if you want to extend its effects.

Online Reviews

Going through customer reviews and related stories of a pheromone product allows you to make an informed decision. Through online reviews, you will find out if the product works or it is just a scam. Read both positive and negative reviews because sometimes companies pay for people to write positive reviews. Negative reviews will help you determine if the product has any side effects or other issues.

Buying Price

Last but not least, we have the price. How much does one bottle of the pheromone of your choice cost? Most pheromone aftershaves often cost from £10 to £100 and sometimes more. Going for a cheap bottle might seem like a good idea, but you might regret that choice. You might incur an additional cost if the product fails to meet your needs. Try to find a product with top-quality ingredients and tons of positive reviews from buyers.

Final Thoughts

Pheromone products are the ideal go-to solutions for individuals who desire to attract a person of the opposite gender. Besides making you more attractive, they help you relax and feel more confident. As a result, you can approach your ideal person worry-free.

However, these products vary in terms of formula and concentrations. Also, they deliver varying results. Use our buying guide above to select a pheromone perfume that will meet all your needs.

That marks the end of our piece. We hope you’ve found it interesting and now have a full understanding of pheromone perfumes.