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frequently asked questions


We create blends inspired by brand fragrances; we maintain the same high-quality standards however in order to bring our customers an affordable alternative to their favourite designer perfumes. In no way are we affiliated with the mentioned brands.

We eliminate the unnecessary packaging, advertising and prestige pricing that the designer brands do. We focus all our efforts on the quality of the fragrance and on delivering the exact same luxury scent, for a fraction of the price.

They are designed to be very long lasting, just like the designer fragrances.

None of our products are tested on animals. Also, all of our perfumes are vegan!

If your order contains a pre-order product, please note that we will hold the ENTIRE ORDERuntil the pre-ordered item is available to ship.

You can find our returns policy here

If there is an issue with your delivery please email customersupport@thefragranceworld.co.uk (please attach a photo for damaged goods) our customer support team will be happy to assist you.


It is recommended to keep perfumes away from direct heat or light and avoid subjecting them to drastic changes in temperature.

It’s a normal phenomena called nose fatigue, this is where the nose desensitises itself when it gets used to a familiar scent. Even though you can’t smell it, others around you still can so you can go easy on reapplying the scent.

Of course! You can catch a member of our team daily on Live Chat between 10am-4pm or alternatively email us at customersupport@thefragranceworld.co.uk and one of our fragrance enthusiasts will be happy to help.