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How To Store Perfume

How To Store Perfume

January 08, 2022 6 min read

Quality perfumes cost a fortune. So when you invest in one, you expect it to last a long time. But that is only true if you store perfume properly; in a dark, cool, dry, and closed space.

Without proper storage, your fragrance’s quality and potency will decline. As a result, you will need more dabs than normal to achieve the same fragrance level. Sometimes, the perfume’s scent might change into something weird, rendering it unwearable.

It’s true, degradation is imminent in fragrances. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to keep your perfume fresh for as long as possible. Below, you will discover several tips on how to store perfume properly for extended longevity.

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14 Perfume Storage Tips

A Dark Place Will Do the Trick

It’s no lie! Luxurious perfume bottles can be so alluring. When direct sunlight hits them at the right angle, they can cast crystalline visages spray and rainbows across any space. But this doesn’t mean you should display the bottles on your dresser.

Like oxygen, UV light degrades a scented liquid’s makeup of the perfume. If you leave your fragrance exposed to sunlight for extended periods, you might end up with a bad-smelling perfume. Plastic bottles might end up melting.

Store your perfume in a dark space deprived of natural and man-made light like a dark box to avoid degradation. A dark cabinet can also do the trick. While some brands store their fragrance in coloured bottles, displaying these bottles might not be worth the risk.

Dry Spaces Are the Ideal Go to For Fragrance Storage

Humidity is a no-go for your fragrance. Like air and light, H20 can affect your perfume’s potency. It can alter the fragrance formula, causing unwanted chemical reactions and reducing its shelf life. But what if you’re living in a humid region? Well, you may have to invest in a de-humidifier.

Set the dehumidifier in one room in your house and store your perfume in a cabinet or corner in the same room.

When Not Using the Scent Keep the Bottle Sealed

Ensure the bottle remains sealed after using the perfume, even when you’re in a hurry. Make it a routine, and stick to it. If you leave the bottle unhinged, even a couple hours, you will expose the delicate content within to oxygen. And we all know what happens when air gets inside the bottle; the aromatic scent gets distorted.

After spritzing your favourite scents, put the cap in place and tighten it. Ensure your fragrance gets exposed to less oxygen as possible.

Keep Bottles on Low-Level Shelves

Maybe you store scents on a high-level shelf to keep them away from kids, but that’s probably not a good idea. You’re just increasing their susceptibility to falling. For instance, if a top-tier fragrance falls from such a height, chances are the bottle will shatter and the delicate content will spill everywhere. That will leave your room smelling strong for several days.

Even if the bottle is strong enough to withstand the fall, the turbulence caused by the impact can break chemical bonds, affecting the scent. Avoid all these by keeping your expensive fragrances on a low-level shelf or floor of your closet. This how-to store perfume tip will come in handy for individuals who leave in areas prone to earthquakes.

Perfume in The Bathroom Not Recommended

Although spritzing eau de toilette or cologne right out of the shower boosts the scent’s longevity, it’s not clever to store the fragrances in the bathroom. However, this is the most common storage mistake fragrance owners make.

The humidity and temperature fluctuations in the bathroom will affect your perfume’s chemical composition. Basically, your washroom is a perfume graveyard. So, you must move them to a dark cupboard or closet in a cool and dry room.

Avoid Opening the Bottle Until the First Spritz

As long as the bottle remains tightly sealed, your perfume will remain faultless. But once you’ve opened the bottle, your fragrance becomes susceptible to oxidation.

Air is perfume’s worst enemy. When the air gets inside the bottle, it alters the aromatic molecules. Over time, your fragrance will lose its flavourful allure. Oxidation also corrodes the scent inside, making it darker than normal.

The more the oxygen in the perfume bottle, the less the scent of familiar notes. So, it’s wise to take caution when opening a new fragrance to minimise oxygen exposure.

The Flimsy Looking Perfume Box Might Prove Useful

Don’t take lightly your perfume’s original box importance. Besides telling the story of the product, they help protect the delicate aromatic elixir. Manufacturing companies custom design these boxes according to the requirements of the perfume within.

Avoid discarding your fragrance original box, especially if you have no perfect storage spot for your perfume. When coupled with a closet, your perfume will comfortably endure the test of time.

Don’t Shake the Perfume Bottle

Do you shake your fragrance before using it? Well, stop! Instead of boosting your perfume’s scent, shaking introduces fragrances’ little pesky friend oxygen. The chaos in the fragrance introduces unwanted oxidation as air bubbles.

Remember, fragrances contain delicate chemical bonds vulnerable to degradation. The turbulence resulting from shaking breaks down these bonds. As such, you might end up with an unwanted science fair project rather an attractive accessory. Avoid shaking your perfumes, unless the instruction on the boxes specifies.

Avoid Transferring Scents to Decorative Perfume Bottles

Do you desire the extravagant bottles lined up in front of the dressing table at your friend’s house? Despite their beautiful nature, these bottles make poor storage products to hold your scents.

They might make stellar bathroom decorations, but they also increase the risk of your scent turning rancid. You’re better off sticking to the perfume’s original bottle because perfumeries design them to be airtight. They also feature a specific spray-head designed to deliver just the right amount of fragrance.

Remember The Importance of Temperature

You should not overlook the role temperature plays. To boost your perfume potency and shelf life, store it in a cool room with constant temperatures. Extreme temperatures (too high or too low) affect the chemical formula of perfumes and overall scent. Fragrance experts urge users to store their perfumes at a temperature of 60 degrees.

Heat also affects a perfume’s make-up. So, avoid keeping bottles in areas with heat fluctuations like a windowsill or warm vehicle (glove box)

Keep Note of Color Changes

Color change in perfume happens when users don’t follow the storage tips above. If your perfume had a delicious golden colour, but now it’s darker and oily, it’s probably going bad. Such a transformation is common in synthetic fragrances. 

When they get exposed to UV light or oxygen, volatile fragrance molecules get released. The molecules become oxidised and dilute and discolour the fragrance-pleasing scent.

However, it’s normal for fragrances with natural ingredients to change colour over time. You should not get alarmed when your perfume changes colour, especially if you’ve been storing it properly. Your scent is just evolving.

An Air-Tight Container Can Come in Handy

Take perfume storage a notch higher by investing in an air-tight bag or container. Double packing can boost your go-to fragrance longevity and protect its potency. If you have several truly special bottles of perfume, place them in their original box, then find an opaque air-tight container and place them inside.

The container guarantee minimum oxidation levels since zero light and air can reach the fragrance. Therefore, you remain with a scent smelling great for a long time.

Another thing, when you transfer the perfume, it can get exposed to air, resulting in oxidation.

Buy Travel-Sized Bottles

Investing in travel bottles is another important tip to help you in storing perfume. Avoid travelling with an entire bottle of expensive perfume because keeping it safe might prove difficult. 

Your luggage can get lost or stolen, and you will end up losing your fragrance. Instead, transfer your favourite fragrance into a small travel-sized bottle, and tightly seal both bottles to prevent air exposure. Alternatively, you can invest in a smaller version of the perfume of your choice.

Keep Your Cologne and Eau De Toilette in The Fridge

Storing perfumes in a fridge might seem impractical to many individuals, but you can in fact store fragrances in there. But not all fragrances deserve a space in your fridge. The cold temperature can alter the perfume’s delicate chemical balance.

However, aftershaves and Eau de toilettes have a robust chemical make-up, making them ideal for fridge storage.

Avoid unexpected losses by keeping perfumes with fragile bottles and fragile chemical makeup in a dark, closed cupboard. 

Final Thoughts

Most perfumes require proper storage to retain their potency and last longer. As you can see, environmental factors like light, air, and temperature impact the quality of the perfume. So, it’s imperative you protect your fragrance from these factors.

Use the fragrance’s original box to keep the scent safe from extreme temperature and direct sunlight. Next, tighten the original bottles caps to make them air-tight. Last, find a dark place perfume bottles can stay. 

The tips above will help you protect both your cheap and expensive scents. We hope you will follow them to the later. All the best!