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How To Layer Perfume

How To Layer Perfume

January 10, 2022 6 min read

The art of fragrance layering spans thousands of years. For generations, women have mastered this skilful craft to design their own signature scents. However, if you’re new, you can find this art overwhelming. But worry not! We are here to help you out.

Here we have provided you with all the information on layering perfume and pairings that work. Read on to learn more.

Fragrance Layering Definition

Perfume layering or cocktailing is the art of mixing two or more scents to design your own bespoke scent. The technique dates back to Ancient Rome and Persia, where perfume enthusiasts blended up to seven aromas at once to develop unique olfactory mélanges.

While the craft has been handed down for many generations, it has only gained significant importance recently. The practice of fragrance layering perfectly describes the desire of consumers, young and old, to stand out. That explains why they are constantly experimenting with more and more products.

Until recently, most individuals were comfortable using perfume designed by their trusted perfumery. They did not care when other people rocked the same aroma. But that seems to be changing. Today, people don’t like sharing signature perfumes. Because of this, the concept of layering perfumes is gaining more and more traction.

Benefits of Layering Perfume

Design A Bespoke Scent That Captures Your Personality

Layering perfumes allows you to create your own signature scent that reflects your personality. You can whip up a unique scent that hits your sweet spot and complements how you’re feeling. Another advantage, perfume layering gives you the confidence of knowing nobody smells like you.

Enhance Fragrance

Although this benefit seems obvious, it’s worth mentioning. When you layer perfumes, whether it’s eau de parfum or aftershave over scented moisturiser or body lotion, the resulting fragrance will have a more intense effect. So, individuals who love wearing delicate perfumes that could otherwise go unnoticed should consider fragrance layering.

Complement Your Perfume

You can layer perfume with a scented lotion, whether the two products contain similar or varying ingredients. Layering allows products to complement each other beautifully and deliver a truly unique scent.

Increases Longevity of Your Signature Scent 

Layer fragrance with body lotions, shower gels, and deodorants for increased depth and intensity. Body lotions add moisture to your skin, which traps fragrance oils. As a result, the fresh scent will linger around for extended periods. Fragrance layering enhances the longevity of scents.

How to Layer Your Signature Perfume

Fragrance layering is more than just spritzing two fragrances on top of each other. It’s about understanding notes that work best with each other and how top, middle, and bottom work in harmony to deliver unique aromas.

Steps to Help You Layer Perfume with Lotion Effectively

    1. Start with the base layers. Lather up your body with your favourite shower gel.
    2. While still wet, apply a scented lotion of your choice to the areas you wish to sprit
  1. We categorised fragrances according to notes and families. The notes include:

    • Top notes: Represent the first thing you smell after spritzing a perfume. These notes are light and fade first.
    • Middle notes: These notes are the foundation of any perfume. They appear just before top notes evaporate. Heart notes strongly influence the bottom notes.
    • Bottom notes: Base notes shine throughout after top and middle notes have faded away completely. They create a lasting impression.

    Perfumes also contain several scent families, including:

    • Floral
    • Oriental
    • Woody
    • Fruity
    • Fresh

    Neighbouring scent families help create harmony in different combinations. Although most individuals rarely blend scents of opposite families, it is possible. Also, the blend can result in an aroma that smells good. But according to perfume experts, it’s safe to stick to families that share some similarities. Citrus and vanilla often complement other scents. As you gain more experience, you will learn to create different layers that complement each other.

    Work With Lighter Scents

    According to Rhianne, a fragrance expert, heavier scents can be overpowering to you and the surrounding people when layered together. When spritzing scents, start with heavy fragrances to avoid overpowering their lighter counterparts.

    Try to layer your lotions with a lighter scent containing a single or few notes. For example, you can use vanilla or citrus essential oils as a base in your shower gel or other body collection products, then add lighter scents.

    Spray Scents in Different Body Areas

    Instead of spraying different perfumes over each other, try to wear each scent in different places. Yes! It might sound crazy to apply more than one perfume to your body. But when done right, you will love the end results.

    your personal favourite fragrance. A quality lotion, like Tom Ford Oud Woody Body Lotion will hydrate your skin and lock in the aromatic molecules.
  2. Follow up with scented deo that pair nicely with your fragrance.
  3. Finally, spritz your favourite fragrance over top and enjoy the sweet aura of your fragrance as it envelops you. 

You can apply different fragrances at different pulse points, as long as they complement each other. For example, you can wear fruity, oriental, and floral scents.

Tips To Consider Before You Layer Perfumes

The purpose of perfume layering is to create one scent that stands outs. However, when done wrong, you might end up with multiple mismatched scents. To avoid that, follow the tips below.

Understand Scent Families

Dab heavy fragrances on your pulse points like the neck or wrist, where it’s warm. The warmth in these regions allows the scents to evaporate and deliver stronger sweet smells for longer. Other regions worth spritzing your perfumes include behind the knees, cleavage, and behind the ears.

Apply lighter scents to your hair or on your necklace or bracelet for a lasting effect. As a rule of thumb, don’t spray two heavy fragrances in the same place because the resulting smell can overwhelm you or your date.

Diverse Your Products

Besides applying two different perfumes over each other, you can layer perfume over your day-to-day products. Most people have a wide collection of scented beauty products in their bathroom and bedroom. They include hair mists, body lotion, hand lotion, creams, shower gel, etc.

These products often combine. So, take advantage of this opportunity to create your original scent. Find products with matching ingredients or scents that compliment your perfume and layer them together.

If you want to master perfume layering, you need to experiment. Test different products and fragrances until you create a perfume that reflects your mood and meets your beauty needs.

Less Is Always Better

Although there are no set rules for mastering fragrance layering, remember “less is always better”. Use the same number of dabs of the new fragrance as you would with your regular perfume. It’s okay to increase or reduce the number of spays for maximum effect, but don’t overdo it.

The Don’ts of Layering Fragrances

During fragrance layering, it’s important to avoid rubbing your wrists together. Sometimes, people rub their wrists on their necks to transfer the scents. That’s not wise either.

Friction from rubbing your wrists breaks down the aromatic molecules of perfume. Therefore, making them more susceptible to evaporation. Also, the heat generated can alter the perfume’s chemical composition, making it smell different.

If you don’t want to spray the fragrance directly to your skin, spritz a little on your wrists and gently press them on your neck.

Another thing, the co-founder of STORIES Parfums urges consumers to test fresh scents on a piece after paper before spritzing it. The paper allows the alcohol to dissociate, leaving you with pure fragrance oil. If it’s the scent you’re looking for, you can proceed to apply it to your pulse points.

5 Scents Combos Worth Trying

Before we can wrap up this perfume guide, let’s check out a few scent combinations you can try today.

Citrus and Woody

Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and mandarin have a zesty scent that stimulates senses. These scents can get paired with distinct, soft scents of woody fragrances like sandalwood and patchouli.

Floral and Woody

Floral fragrances originate from roses, lilies, and jasmine and deliver sweet and smooth scents. Pair them with musk scents of woody perfumes to discover new beautiful aromas.

Fruity and Floral

Fruity scents are a sub-category of floral scents, meaning they complement each other perfectly.

Floral and Oriental

Oriental scent family comprises spices and herbs like vanilla and cinnamon. Mix them with floral fragrances for an exotic aroma.

Fruity and Oriental

Layer fruity scents with oriental to create sensual yet spontaneous scents.

Final Thoughts

Mastering fragrance layering allows you to create original and sweet scents that capture your personality. Whether you want to design a new scent for an upcoming special occasion or you want to blend your eau de parfum with body cream, perfume layering knowledge will come in handy. Another tip, don’t fear experimenting with different fragrances and body care products because that is the best way to learn.