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What Popular Perfumes Are Vegan?

What Popular Perfumes Are Vegan?

March 04, 2022 6 min read

In recent years, the popularity of the vegan lifestyle has increased significantly. More and more people are embracing it to reduce harm to animals and their impact on the environment.

But did you know that veganism is more than eating a diet free from animal products? It’s a way of life that seeks to eliminate all forms of abuse and cruelty to animals for food, clothing, and even fragrance.

Yes! You heard us right! Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle means adopting animal-friendly perfumes. So, if you’ve decided to go completely vegan, here are some popular vegan perfumes you should check out.

What Are Vegan Perfumes?

A perfume can only get classified as vegan if it contains no animal-derived ingredients or products.

Vegan Fragrance vs Cruelty-free perfume: What Is the Difference?

In some cases, vegan perfumes are not cruelty-free. This means the manufacturer conducts animal testing during the production stage, before releasing the perfume to the public.

So, if an Eau de parfum is only labelled as vegan, chances are it’s not. A certified vegan perfume has no animal-derived ingredients and is free from animal cruelty.

Common Animal Products Found in Perfume?

Musk: Sourced from the glands of male musk deer and was used as perfume fixative and fragrance note. Since obtaining musk involved killing Musk Deers, hunting the deer became illegal. Today, the musk in some vegan perfume brands is made in the lab (synthetic).

  • African Stone: Obtained from aged excrement of the cape hyrax mammal. Although no animal gets hurt during extraction, vegans still want to avoid this ingredient. 
  • Civet: Derived from the secretions of Civet cat, a tiny African cat.
  • Castoreum: Anal excretions of beavers. The animals were caught, and their castor sacs were removed to get the secretions.
  • Ambergris: It’s the vomit of the sperm whale. It’s still used in most natural perfumes. In the past, sperm whales were caught and killed for the substance. But today, divers dive into the ocean to collect it.
  • Luckily, this barbaric practice got banned. And today, most of these non-vegan ingredients get manufactured in the lab.

However, it’s still hard to know for sure if natural fragrance oils are free from animal products and cruelty-free. That’s because most perfume companies don’t reveal the list of their ingredients.

That said, let’s check out the most popular vegan perfume brands in the market

12 Most Popular Vegan Perfume Brands 

1. The Fragrance World

All of our perfumes and aftershaves are completely vegan, it was one of the many reasons why The Fragrance World was born. To provide a cost effective cruelty free way to smell great.

Established in 2021, we’re still new to the industry, but our fragrances are all very well reviewed. Our most popular fragrances are; Rouge 540, Sauvage, Aventus, Lost Cherry, Mademoiselle, Black Opium, and Alien.

2. White Musk Flora Eau De Parfum

The White Musk is a vegan and cruelty-free flora fragrance loved by perfume enthusiasts since 1981. Sold by Body Shop, the fragrance envelops you in an aura of sweetness all day long and makes you feel unstoppable.

With notes of jasmine, cruelty-free musk, and clean aldehydes, this perfume will leave you feeling calm and empowered. The best part is you can build up this fragrance for a stronger scent. Check out Body Shop’s for other classic collection like the White Musk Eau De Toilette.

3. Lush Perfumes

Lush is among a popular cruelty-free brand in the perfume industry. For years, the company has championed sustainability and better treatment for animals. Lush features an impressive vegan fragrance collection, including Lush Pansy, Karma, Lord of Misrule, Valinary, and others. Lush potent fragrances will help you smell wonderful and stand out in a crowd.

4. Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange

The first product on our list of cruelty-free perfumes is Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange. It’s manufactured by Pacifica, a company that produces vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and other beauty and body care products.

The spray delivers a delightful blood orange scent fused with a hint of raspberry and strawberry notes. The perfect scent results from a blend of non-GMO corn grain alcohol, propylene glycol, parabens, and other ingredients.

You can also shop for other scents of the perfume, including Sugared Amber Dreams, French lilac, Ruby Guava, Mediterranean Fig, etc.

5. Floral Street

We have included Floral Street in this list because it does a great job of re-inventing any traditional floral scent. The perfume brand provides you with an opportunity to discover a new signature scent, while proudly using non-vegan, natural ingredients.

Floral Street also stands out for its compostable packaging constructed from recyclable and biodegradable material. It’s the first of its kind in the industry. Another thing, Floral Street has a refill station in the covent garden where you can take your depleted glass bottle and fill it up.

Popular beautiful scents from Floral Street worth trying out include London Poppy, which features woody notes, black amber, and citrus notes. Or, Electric rhubarb, a vegan-friendly scent featuring floral notes of jasmine and frangipani. Wonderland Peony is also a worthy purchase.

6. The Perfume Edit

The Perfume Edit by The Perfume Shop is a unique collection of unisex perfumes stored in a contemporary, minimalistic glass bottle and packaged in a 100% recyclable box. These fragrances are certified vegan and cruelty-free. While you can’t shop for the entire collection right now, you can enjoy individual Scents.

Find joy and warmth in Fruity Peppered Earth featuring Indian jasmine and pink pepper notes. Or try fresh and crisp Citrus Fresco, a zesty scent with top notes of sweet lemon to arouse your senses, rosemary and geranium heart notes, and base notes of herbaceous citrus and patchouli. Alternatively, you can try Perfume Edit’s famous Lime & Basil scent boasting notes of mandarin zest lime, basil dark pepper, and amber vetiver.

7. Scent of A Dream, Charlotte Tilbury

Created by British celebrity make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, Scent of A Dream is among the best vegan perfumes in the market.

In addition to that, it’s sulphate-free and gluten-friendly. Tilbury designed the scent of her own blend of scented oils sourced from Ibiza’s hippie markets. She says the fragrance can bring power, love, and positivity to the wearer.

The Scent of a Dream is perfect for women who desire to transition into a vegan lifestyle. It delivers a fresh and invigorating sweet scent via top notes of peach, black pepper, lemon, and saffron. It’s complemented with middle notes of patchouli, incense, and tuberose. The bottom notes wrap it up with synthetic ingredients, including E Super, Hedione, and Ambroxan.

8. Vyrao Witchy Woo

Vyrao Wirchy Woo is the brainchild of Yasmin Sewell, a renowned fashion mogul and street style icon. The perfume is a woody floral musk scent ideal for males and females. Witchy Woo intertwines thorny roses, black paper, cinnamon, and nutmeg with patchouli and frankincense and opopanax wraps up everything.

Besides the incredible natural ingredients, this vegan perfume comes with a Spotify playlist. Witchy Woo is fun and playful perfume, which wakes the powerful alliance of creativity and courage in the wearer.

9. Clean Classic Perfumes

Perfumes from this cruelty-free company are a worthy addition to any dressing table. Clean Classic is an eco-conscious perfume brand with an impressive fragrance collection like Reserve Avant-Garde, Classic, Space, and Reserve.

The company avoids using several ingredients for its products, including synthetic colours, phthalates, and others. You can discover the full list of the ingredients on the perfume shop’s official website.

The Classic Collection is worth checking out since it comes with light and casual fragrances that linger longer and compliment your everyday wear. The perfume brand offers customers an assortment of scents such as Simply Clean, Shower Fresh, Ultimate, Cool Cotton, Fresh Linens, Blossom, Flower Fresh, etc.

10. Valeur Absolue

Valeur Absolue values responsible luxury. And their ethical and clean fragrance assortment is proof that they’re true to their world. The company does not conduct animal testing for its products during the production process. And uses only natural ingredients to promote sustainability.

In terms of packaging, their perfumes get stored in classic glass bottles and packaged in a luxurious-looking box. If you’re looking to get a vegan scent, consider Confiance. It is perfect for spring and features notes of Amber, Peach, Cedar, Cinnamon, Bourbon Vanilla, and Cloves.

11. Pinrose Eau De Parfume

Pinrose offers customers a wide range of vegan perfumes, featuring a unique blend of synthetic and natural ingredients. Vegans will love this brand since it conducts no animal testing and uses only the best ingredients to protect people and the environment.

The brand signature scent - Pinrose Eau De Perfume blends top notes of Anise, Raspberry, and Elemi with heart notes of Turkish Clove, Bulgarian rose, and Iris. The dry-down notes of Patchouli, Vanilla, and Labdanum help it linger for long. 

12. Maison Louis Marie

Since 1792, Maison Louis Mairie has delighted customers with delicate and enchanting scents ideal for every lifestyle. All products from this brand are imbued with distinct and luxurious floral fragrances. What’s even better, they are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, sulphate-free, and phthalate-free.

Besides that, the perfumes come packed in 100% recycled fibreboard and FSC certifies paper. These packages are free from toxins, artificial colour, and 100% recyclable. So, get yourself a quality vegan fragrance on the brand’s official website.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best vegan perfume after adopting a vegan lifestyle can be overwhelming. But with the help of this list, you can find a new signature scent for yourself with ease. Most perfume brands mentioned above value sustainability and the well-being of all creatures on the planet. Rest assured, they will provide you with potent perfumes ideal for your new lifestyle.

With that said, thank you for stopping by!