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What Perfume Should I Wear?

What Perfume Should I Wear?

June 14, 2022 8 min read

When you look over the perfumes out there for sale, it can be a minefield to get started on choosing the right perfume for you. After all, there will be hundreds available in a variety of designs with different scents that can leave you feeling confused. And while you can check out the reviews and get recommendations from friends and family, the perfume has to be right for you. After all, the perfect perfume gives you that distinctive scent that allows you to create an impression and build familiarity so that others remember you from that scent. Additionally, it’s easy with perfume to get stuck in a rut of just wearing one new perfume that might not be right for you. Perhaps it was the cheapest at the time or was a gift from a special someone but it isn’t quite right for you.

However, your perfume needs to be the right fit. With the best perfume that suits you, you will make a long-lasting impression and boost your appeal. After all, perfume is the final touch that can add to your outfit, makeup and hairstyle to help you look great. It also gives you the confidence to face the day and other people. As well as this, fragrance can create emotion and can help to make a person feel a certain way about you. They are also linked to memory with a lot of people smelling a scent transported to when they first smelt it. But how do you know what is the right perfume for you? Here is a guide which gives you an in-depth look at what is the perfect scent for you.


What is perfume?

Before delving into the right perfume for you, you need to know exactly what fragrance is. Sourcing back to over 6000 years ago, fragrances were even used in Egyptian times. Originally, perfumes were created with oil. But in the 14th century, they first started using the common mix of essential oils now to create fragrances. Since the 1900s, fragrances and fashions have been entwined with now perfumes being known to be chosen for style. Fashion houses such as Chanel, Gucci and Jo Malone London released their own scents. Celebrities got involved with perfumes with many releasing their own perfumes and being part of the branding for others. The fragrance industry is booming with fragrances still a top choice to be bought as part of a person’s staple wardrobe.

In current times, when you are looking for a perfume, you will find the most common types are eau de cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfum. When it comes to eau de cologne, this perfume is a lighter fragrance which uses less perfume oil. It doesn’t last as long so you will need to spray more quickly. This type of fragrance is more commonly used by men and you can differentiate it as it tends to come in a bigger bottle due to how long the scent last.

Meanwhile, eau de toilette is one of the most popular types of perfumes around to purchase. A lot of people opt for this type due to the fact it’s a light, affordable option that smells great when used as a daily fragrance. It uses a higher level of perfume oil which gets that distinctive smell that everyone loves. On top of this, it lasts slightly longer than the others with an average two to four hours. If you are looking for a powerful perfume, eau de parfum is the way to go. It uses the largest concentration of perfume oil to create a distinctive scent that is long-lasting. It is also a lot stronger and will create an impression.


What are the different types of notes to create the scent?

When it comes to choosing the right perfume to wear, you need to think about the scents you like in different perfumes. These scents vary from more fruity citrus flavours to sophisticated leather scents. The scents are known as notes with each fragrance having top, heart and base notes. The base note tends to be the most profound of the three with this the smell that will last the longest. Meanwhile, the heart is the true central smell that helps to combine the notes to create that irresistible scent. As for the top notes, these are the first scents that appear when you first spray the fragrance. They often encourage people to buy the perfume, but it’s worth taking note of all the various notes. These types of notes are commonly broken down into different areas such as floral, fruity, woody and oriental.



There’s nothing better than fields of fresh flowers. If you like floral scents, you should consider a fragrance that contains floral notes. For instance, you will find some that have notes such as lily, iris and rose. These all give the light floral fragrances a sweet scent that is perfect for those who love spring, and summery scents.



If you love the smell of fruits in the morning for breakfast, fruity perfumes will be a great choice for you. Perfumes that contain fruity notes are fun and fresh, perfect for all occasions. You will find that a lot of these notes include grapefruit, orange blossom and cherry which offer a beautiful scent, especially when mixed with other notes.



You can’t go wrong with tradition. With a touch of sophistication and charm, woody fragrances containing woody notes are great for those who want a classy, stand-out fragrance. You will find that woody scents tend to include notes such as sandalwood and cedarwood. These tend to be base notes as they have a smooth, strong scent that is long-lasting.



Sweet and spicy, perfumes containing oriental notes are a popular choice. Oriental scents are unique and offer a distinctive smell that stands out. You will feel confident and glamorous when wearing these perfumes. These types of perfumes contain oriental notes that include vanilla, tobacco and spices that all make the fragrance special.


What are the factors that affect choosing the fragrance?

When deciding on what perfume you should be wearing, there are a number of factors you should be considering. After all, many things will affect which one is right for you. Here are just a few to help you choose the right fragrance:


What is your style?

Your clothes style will affect what type of perfume you should be buying. After all, the fragrance is just an extension of your overall look. It’s the final accessory that puts the whole outfit together. In fact, if you put on perfume that doesn’t match your look, it could spoil the whole effect of your outfit. For instance, something bold with a classic style is just not going to work. After all, the fragrance is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


Traditional style

If you are quite traditional and elegant with your dress sense, it’s a good idea to go for something quite light and demure for your fragrance. For instance, you might want to go for a fresh fragrance which will give a final touch to that classic outfit. Floral is also a good choice if you have a classic, traditional style and want to add a feminine touch. When mixed with different scents, it will complement the look and give you a scent that will smell beautiful like your classic look.


Chilled style

If you love a relaxed vibe, you will be looking for something that gives you a natural and fresh scent. With the perfect t-shirt and jeans, you need perfume that is quite down-to-earth and simple. A woody fragrance would suit this kind of style as it’s long-lasting and the scent is quite strong yet not too sweet. You could also use citrus fragrances to give your look a relaxed summer vibes scent.


Dressy style

If you are always dressed to impress, you don’t want to be let down by your perfume. Therefore, you should go for a scent which is loud and proud. A perfume that is bold and striking will have a memorable scent. Bold, oriental scents are great for this type of style which is rich and seductive, perfect for leaving a lasting impression. Florals that are strong in scent are always good, especially when mixed with some woody notes.


Alternative style

If you are rebellious with your outfits and like to stand out from the crowd, you want to be quite playful with your scents. Why not try out some edgy perfumes that contain some unique notes or even use several perfumes to create a new, exciting scent. Going for a perfume with oriental notes with a touch of fruity on top will help you to bring out that rebellious, naughty side you want to create while smelling good.


What is the occasion?

Another factor when deciding on a new scent is to think about the occasion.


Dinner with a new date

If you are heading out on a date night, you want to make an impression on the person sitting across the table from you. You want to go for a fragrance which has a strong scent so that they have a memorable scent that reminds them of you. You want something seductive, yet strong with personality. You also should go for something sweet which will complement your whole look on the date.


Work meeting

You want to leave a lasting impression at your meeting. A great perfume which is long-lasting is important if you are heading to work. After all, you want the scent to last all day and take you from work to drinks after work too. You want something which will add confidence and is uplifting for the day ahead. While you want to stand out, you still want something light and fresh containing orange blossom for the workplace.


Relaxing with friends

You want to create a chilled vibe if you are going to be hanging out with friends. In this situation, you want a light perfume, perhaps with a floral scent that will smell lovely yet charming. You don’t want too bold of perfume and want something more pleasant and light for the occasion. Fresh and fruity perfumes are great for these types of relaxed scenarios.


What is the season?

Another factor is the season when choosing the right perfume. When it comes to the different seasons, you need to ensure you have the right perfume which is perfect for the season. After all, you don’t want something to stand out for the wrong reasons.



In this type of weather, a floral perfume would be a great choice. It’s light yet lovely and will be perfect for the warm, not hot weather. You don’t need something too strong but you want to leave a sweet impression on others around you.



During this hot time of year, the perfume can feel even stronger than it normally does. Therefore, if you go for something too bold, the scent can start to overpower and turn people off. Therefore, the lighter the better during the summer is important. Go for something fruity, particularly citrusy which is ideal for the beach.



As autumn draws in, perfumes can go for a stronger scent with woody notes, in particular, a good choice. They will stand out yet be quite mild for the popular season. Autumn is a good time to experiment with stronger scents.



With winter, you can go for richer and deeper scents that will help you to stand out from the crowd. You want a stronger scent that will work well in the winter months as the colder weather arrives. The perfect choice for this time of year is woody or smoky scents which will go great with jumpers and winter boots. 

And finally, remember when choosing the perfect eau de parfum that you are picking something right for you and your personality. It’s your body and your skin so it’s the right decision for you. It’s often down to the body chemistry if the perfume smells good on you. So try different perfumes to find what is right for you. And it’s fine to have different perfumes to suit your different moods. After all, sometimes we don’t want to stand out from the crowd while other times we want everybody to know we are feeling good.