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What Does Aftershave Do?

What Does Aftershave Do?

June 30, 2022 6 min read

When it comes to getting up in the morning, a lot of people have a set routine every day. From having their breakfast, enjoying a shower and then having a shave. Applying aftershave is also one of those essential things to do in the morning. You might be surprised to know that a lot of people get aftershave and cologne wrong. Cologne gives you a great scent which is perfect for completing your overall look, adding a touch of style to your appearance and making you feel more confident.

A lot of people use cologne before they go to work, meet friends or on a date. There are so many colognes out there available to buy from the big brands with favourites from Gucci and Calvin Klien. When it comes to aftershave, there is a lot more to it than just a nice scent.

When you first learn to shave, there are a number of things you need to do. Ensure you are holding the razor correctly, invest in some good shaving cream and finally add some aftershave. You might not realise how important this is for your overall shaving regimen. And it will only be when you are without it that you realise how important it is.

Therefore, so you are clued up and in the know, here is everything you need to know about aftershave including what it is, why you should use it and how to use it in your daily routine.


What exactly is aftershave?

The first thing we need to discuss is what exactly is aftershave. After all, there is some confusion over exactly what it is. So the simple answer is it is any product that is applied after shaving. This tends to traditionally come as a liquid but over the past 20 years, the product has developed significantly.

Now a lot of aftershaves come in lotions and balms which are a lot better for your skin as they are sensitive and hydrating. Before it would often dry out men’s skin and would often cause pain when applied straight after shaving. As we discussed briefly in the introduction, cologne is different from aftershaves.

Aftershaves contain on average 1-3% of essential oils which is a lot lower than traditional Eau de colognes which often use up to 7%. You will find a stronger scent with these Eau de colognes too as they use a higher concentration of essential oils. And with their main purpose of helping men to smile nice, they are designed just for the scent. Aftershave has multiple purposes as well as smelling nice.

You will find a lot of aftershaves on the market with a lot of the big brands selling aftershaves in different forms. From Dior Sauvage to Hugo Boss, they have developed aftershaves which are the perfect choice for your daily routine. They often sell aftershave in a pack with other essential beauty products for men. Now we know exactly what aftershave is, we now need to know the benefits of using these types of products.


What exactly does aftershave do?

To answer the question of what does aftershave do, we need to look at some of the benefits of using this in your post-shave routine.


Aftershave hydrates the skin

One of the best benefits of using aftershave is that it hydrates the skin. Gone is the old formula which would dry out your skin and now you get a great finish with your skin looking better than ever. A lot of the major aftershaves have removed their alcohol component so it’s less painful now to apply aftershaves to your dry skin. It’s more like a moisturiser and when you apply it to your skin, it hydrates the skin which ensures your skin is protected. It’s great for those with oily skin who need added hydration.

It also stops spots from occurring and keeps it in a good anti-age condition. Keeping hydrated is also essential to keep you feeling healthy. When you apply the moisturiser, it acts like a top layer so your dry skin underneath is protected. This is essential as when you shave, the skin is already vulnerable so by applying aftershave, you can put it in defensive mode.


Aftershave stops bacteria from spreading

Another benefit of using aftershave is that bacteria is less likely to spread. After you have shaved, your skin is vulnerable to bacteria. After all, your skin often bleeds after you have first shaved and this, in turn, can lead to bacteria. You then could be at risk of ingrown hairs or razor bumps as the bacteria works on your skin. Therefore, when you apply aftershave balms after shaving on your skin, these are less likely to happen as the aftershave stops the bacteria before it starts spreading.

A lot of the major aftershaves now contain anti-bacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil which is known to stop it in its tracks. Therefore, any chance of infection is drastically reduced if you use an aftershave. When you get rid of bacteria, it will also stop the chance of spots occurring on the skin. Therefore, using aftershave is a good way to say goodbye to bacteria for good.


Aftershave leaves a nice scent

As part of your shaving routine, you want to ensure you look ready for the day or night ahead. And while you want smooth-looking skin, it’s always a good idea to ensure you smell great too before you follow up on your plans. After you have shaved your skin, applying an aftershave gives your skin a great smelling scent. There are so many different types of aftershaves out there with different scents so you can choose the right one for you.

Whether you want a bold, striking scent or a sweet, alluring scent, you can choose the perfect scent that works for you and the occasion. For instance, you might want to go for a more distinctive smell when heading on a date and a more relaxing scent for the workplace. Finishing the shave with aftershave will ensure you smell great.


Aftershave is ideal for sensitive skin

Aftershave is the perfect choice to stop any skin irritation in its tracks, especially if you have sensitive skin. A lot of people suffer from sensitive skin and are wary of using lots of products on their skin. They also find they have shaving bumps and skin irritation after shaving. It often leads them to grow facial hair to avoid shaving. But it doesn’t have to be the case if you apply aftershave.

If you find you have irritated skin after shaving, you need to ensure you apply aftershave to disinfect freshly shaved skin. A lot of aftershaves include soothing ingredients such as aloe vera so your skin will have a smooth layer to protect it after shaving. So you can feel relaxed you won’t have a rash or irritated skin after shaving if you do apply aftershave.


Aftershave calms skin

We all have seen those razor burn and razor bumps you can get after shaving. It not only brings down your appearance, but it can hurt a lot too. Therefore, applying an aftershave balm to your skin is a great way to calm it down while soothing skin so that it doesn’t feel and look irritated after you have shaved. The reason for the red, inflamed skin is because when you shave, you are removing the top layer of cells, leaving the raw skin on show.

When you apply aftershave balm, it stops any potential soreness and protects your skin for days ahead with ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera. That means no more itching or scratching while your skin recovers. Therefore, as part of your shaving routine, it’s always a good idea to use aftershave. You can always apply cologne to add a stronger scent before you leave the house.


How do you use aftershave?

After you have finished shaving, it’s a good idea to use a towel to remove any remaining shaving cream from your normal skin and to give your face a soak. You can then get the aftershave and then massage it gently onto the newly shaved skin. Don’t rub too hard as you could end up irritating your skin.

With the pores open, it will soak into the pores and add a layer of protection after you have shaved. It will stop any irritation and will also hydrate your skin. Have a shower before you apply aftershave so that it lasts longer on your skin. You can then add any cologne you want to use.


How long does aftershave last?

When you apply aftershave after shaving or before going out, it will tend to last on average up to three hours. When you applied the aftershave, it will have worked on your skin, ensuring you have a protected layer. But the scent itself will only last up to three hours. Therefore, a lot of guys then reach for an eau de toilette to help give a stronger scent which will help them to gain confidence before they start the day or head on a night out.