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The Best Fragrances for Winter

The Best Fragrances for Winter

October 26, 2021 4 min read

Most people choose their perfumes based on their mood, environment, and outfits. But have you ever thought of selecting a different fragrance according to the season? There’s a scent for every season.

Just because you’ve wrapped yourself in warm, heavy clothes doesn’t mean you can’t smell nice. Keep in mind winter extends long past the holidays, so your go-to-fragrance needs to carry you through the first days of spring.

The best fragrances for winter should be sensual and warm and pack enough punch to linger on your favourite sweater. They should harmonise with the weather and feel cosier.

So, what are the best fragrances for winter?

Before we can recommend the best fragrance for cold and dark winter, let’s first understand the influence of temperature on a fragrance. 

UK winter fragrances

How Temperature Affects the Way Perfume Smells

Fragrances can create an aura of mystery, beauty, and even mystery around its wearer. The right scent encapsulates your personality and makes a bold fashion statement. That’s why finding the right one is no easy task. There are several things to consider. But perhaps the most important one is the weather.

It’s no secret! Temperature affects how the fragrance is perceived. In hot weather, you need to wear a fragrance appropriate for a warm day. Wearing such a scent in cold weather will seem absurd to those around you. It’s like not putting on a heavy sweater when it’s snowing outside.

Remember, before perfume can work, it needs to evaporate first. When it’s in its bottle, scents are just aromatic molecules. The heat helps to break down these molecules once you apply the fragrance to your skin. When released into the air, the molecules release the exceptional aroma you love.

First, you’ll notice the top notes: citrusy, peppery, fruity, and herbal scents. Top notes are volatile and potent aromas that evaporate faster. After that, you’ll notice middle and base notes like musk, wood, and amber. These usually take time to evaporate since they contain large molecules.

The surrounding environment temperature and your skin temperature will determine the rate at which the molecule and dissipate. In cold temperatures, it’s hard for molecules to evaporate. Now, do you understand the importance of carefully choosing your scents according to the weather?

Recommended Winter Fragrances

Woody Fragrances

The cooler fall temperatures usher the winter holidays. This is the time to take a little break from all the hassle and bustle of summer and the winter festivities. Winter is time to save all your citruses and floral scents and find something that warms you up amid the cold. Something the soothes other sense too.

We recommend you find a woody fragrance. These scents will not only calm your senses but also bring a sense of tranquillity. Wood notes will remind you of the rugged outdoor. You’ll feel like a lumberjack who has just chopped firewood. They bring all the wonderful memories that warm you in the cold and dark months.

The best fragrances that go best with crisp, cold evenings of fall are cedarwood, vetiver, amber, oakmoss, patchouli, and sandalwood. Woody scents are often split into two categories: Dry woods that usually have smoky, leathery notes and earthy, sweet undertones like oakmoss and amber.

Spicy Fragrances

The cold days of winter are your scent, best friend. The cold temperature allows you to wear those potent and delicate fragrances that need time to evaporate, dissipate and develop. Spicy scents are warm and strong. Therefore, they’re the ideal winter fragrances. Spicy scents for cold weather include vanilla, apple cider with cinnamon, amber, peppermint, seasonal incense, pumpkin pie, and anise.


Last, we have Musk. Since the very beginning, musk has been a vital ingredient in perfumery. Musk scent is a blend of aromatic substances often used as base notes in fragrances. During winter, its earthy scent will warm you up and help you smell sweet for longer.

Originally, musk was derived from deer glands. Sadly, that meant that the animals were hunted to near extinction. Thankfully, they’re protected today. Now we derive musk scents from a blend of natural ingredients and synthetic chemicals.

Synthetic musk or white musk still delivers the broody and come-hither scent of its predecessor. The fragrance is soft and welcoming and great for snowy days.

The Best Fragrance for Summer

Since we’ve talked about the perfect fragrances for winter, it only makes sense to highlight the best fragrance for warm, hot days. It takes a lot of effort to smell good in summers with all the heat and sweat. But there are few fragrances that can help you stand out.

Floral Fragrances

Summer brings to mind vacations, a time at the beach, and lots and lots of sun. For the hot summer days and nights, you need a fresh and cool fragrance to best contrast to the warm weather. Keep in mind hot temperatures increase the strength of scents. So, apply the fragrances lightly.

Floral fragrances have a sweet and flowery smell that can effectively mask body odour. Hot weather calls for floral notes like roses, lilies, jasmine, peonies, bergamot, and orange blossom.

Green Fragrances

Happiness, freshness, innocence, and flowers thrive during warm, sunny days. During such days, you need fresh or green scents to lighten your mood. The right fragrance will blend with the weather and enhance your feeling, alleviating any stress or depressions. Green fragrances for sunny, warm weather are bright, light, and fresh, such as basil, citrus, and orange blossom.


In warm weather, it's normal to select light fragrances since they lighten the mood and boost your personality. Also, they cover up the scent of sweat. However, during cold weather, you need heavier fragrances that can last longer.

When you switch your wardrobe for winter, it’s wise to switch your fragrance too. Woody scents will bring good memories of cold long months and winter festivities, while spicy scents will warm your bones on cold winter nights. Musk fragrances will reveal an assertive side of your personality.

It’s important to change your fragrance with the change of the seasons. Whether it’s winter, summer, or spring, every season needs its own fragrance based on temperatures and the layers of outfits in your body.

That said, the best winter fragrances can dramatically change your mood and outlook throughout the cold, long months.