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The 7 Best Lavender Perfumes You Need To Try

The 7 Best Lavender Perfumes You Need To Try

July 09, 2024 4 min read

Everyone needs a signature scent, but not all perfumes will work for everyone. You need to find something that matches your senses, appeals to your own smell, and makes you feel confident every day. If you haven’t found the perfect fragrance yet, why not look for something that comes with notes of lavender?

Lavender is one of the most popular scents out there, and it has been added as an ingredient to many popular fragrances in the modern market. Below are some of the best lavender perfumes we’ve found to narrow your search and ensure you can breathe in the beautiful smell of the flower how you like it each day.

Phantom by Paco Rabanne

Phantom is one of the top fragrances that includes lavender and it has been known to blend both innovation and tradition into its format. As you spritz it onto your pulse points, you’ll notice the top notes of citrus and lavender, followed by the heart notes of patchouli and vanilla. To bring it all together, you’ll be enchanted by the vetiver and woody base notes, adding longevity to the scent. 

For a more cost-effective yet still beautiful option, you can opt for The Fragrance World’s own version of Phantom. It offers a freshness from the citrus plus modern energy from the other notes, including lavender, vanilla, patchouli, and even apple. 



Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

Libre is a modern lavender-based fragrance that offers its wearers a feeling of freedom. With the bright and fresh top notes of mandarin orange, lavender, blackcurrant, and petitgrain, you always feel ready for the day. This is then followed by the floral heart notes of jasmine, orange blossom, and even more lavender. The base notes are then composed of Madagascar vanilla, cedar, ambergris, and musk, offering an element of warmth. 

For something a bit different but still similar at the same time, you can try The Fragrance World’s interpretation known as Liberty. It’s a fragrance of contrasts that combines the warm, feminine notes of orange blend with the masculine and cool lavender. You can also enjoy a range of other captivating notes, including bourbon, vanilla and neroli.



Layton by Parfums de Marly

You can be transported back to 18th-century France when you introduce Layton into your daily life. This sophisticated scent gives lavender a good name, as it is part of the top notes alongside other vibrant and fresh smells such as apple, mandarin orange, and bergamot. This versatile profile also features heart notes of geranium, jasmine, and violet alongside a rich and warm base composed of vanilla, cardamom, sandalwood, pepper, patchouli, and guaiac wood.

Grab a super alternative with the same name by The Fragrance World. Our version of Layton offers all the perks of the original scent and more. You’re met with a lively introduction of apple and bergamot, which fades into the lavender undertones. Alongside this, you can enjoy a core bouquet of various florals and a more woody and spicy foundation.



F***ing Fabulous by Tom Ford

Sometimes we need something bold that takes us out of our comfort zone, and this Tom Ford fragrance is something that does just that. This provocative scent already sets itself in the name “F***ing Fabulous” but is made even better with the top notes of clary sage and lavender. After this fresh and aromatic start, you reach the heart that features bitter almond, leather, vanilla, orris root, and cashmeran. It then reaches the base of tonka bean, leather, amber, and wood. 

The Fragrance World has an inspired fragrance called Fabulous that also knows how to make a statement. It’s rich and textured, including a range of spicy and leather notes that both genders love. Lavender stands out, but you can also embrace the bitter almond and tonka bean notes. 



Luna Rossa by Prada 

Inspired by and named after the Luna Rossa sailing team, we have this original fragrance that offers something a little different. You still get to enjoy the top notes of bitter orange and beautiful lavender, but the heart is slightly more unique with clary sage and spearmint. The foundation then features base notes of ambroxan and ambrette, which finish the fragrance with a musky warmth

You can either opt for the original fragrance or The Fragrance World’s alternative, known as Luna. It’s a masculine fragrance that begins with lavender notes, which then transition into a more refreshing core of ginger. It’s the ideal option for everyday wear due to its quality and extravagance. 



Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone

Myrrh & Tonka is part of Jo Malone London’s Cologne Intense collection and is best suited for those who want a deep and sensual fragrance. The scent opens with top notes of the freshest hints of lavender and then follows into the heart, which features the standout ingredient - myrrh. It offers a smoky character to the perfume before you reach the base notes of tonka bean, as well as small hints of vanilla, almond, and tobacco. 

You can embrace The Fragrance World’s interpretation of Jo Malone’s Myrrh. It’s similar but offers its own unique edge with a blend of rich, earthy myrrh and sweet, creamy tonka bean. It’s a complex scent that has a grounding, woodsy aroma that will stay with you throughout the day. 



Sauvage by Dior

Sauvage is an iconic fragrance by one of the most popular luxury brands in the world and has become a signature scent for many due to the burst of freshness from the top notes of bergamot. It then follows into the heart of the scent which includes the contrasting ingredients of Sichuan pepper and lavender, adding a bit of spice to the fragrance. You then get to enjoy the finish of ambroxan, offering lasting power. 

If you enjoy Sauvage but wish to try something new, you can try out The Fragrance World’s alternative known as Wild. It is a fresh cologne made for charismatic men, especially with a long-lasting combination of pepper, lavender, and vetiver.