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  • Ensure you leave a lasting impression when you buy a bottle of Statement, our new fragrance which is the perfect aftershave for men. A perfect choice for those confident, strong men, they will love the new fragrance which is perfect for making a statement at work, impressing on a first date or just an ideal cologne for a night out on the town. From day to night, this fragrance will work in different situations and is a top choice for all seasons. The fragrance is inspired by Terre D’ Herm which is a popular fragrance that has made waves with its earthly and nature tones. It is loved by men worldwide who love a creative, statement fragrance.

    Using inspiration from Terre D’Herm’s note combination, Statement has a beautiful mix of woody and spicy scents that create a distinctive and irresistible scent. The top notes of grapefruit and orange are mixed with a broad range of heart notes that include patchouli and peppers and the woody base notes include atlas cedarwood. A new favourite fragrance for men to use every day.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Smith

This fragrance smells amazing!
I wear it to the gym and have had numerous comments and the more than occasional glimpses from both sexes!


Very nice.... enjoyed this the most out the batch I ordered... very close to its inspiration and lasts a while on my skin... couldn't tell you if it projected well though... bought a 100ml now either way

Bilal Nazir

I ordered a 100ml bottle of Terre Di Hermes back in 2021 and it smells 99.9% like the real thing yet doesn't last long (I have less than half a bottle left) but last year I ordered it again but only in a 50ml as I wasn't sure if it was the same manufacturer due to the different packaging.

Glad I did as I find it to be much more citrusy and it doesn't last as long either. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!

Ola Taiwo
Fresh and New

A new item added to my batch

William Neill
Beautiful bottle pitty about the the scent doesn’t last long

Great presentation it’s smells great doesn’t last long. The samples bottle is stronger and lasts longer. Disappointed. Plus I noticed the price has increased by a tenner .